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I took my daughter and her friend kayaking on Saturday for her 15th birthday and we had a great time. Nick did an excellent job keeping my children engaged and excited. I have attached a picture of Nick holding a kelp crab – a most memorable experience for my children and me. I was too slow, however, to capture the seagull that only moments before had landed a few feet from our kayak to pluck a different crab from the forest. Thanks again for the great time, —Peter

Hi, MBK - Elkhorn Slough staff,

Last Friday while paddling at Elkhorn Slough, my friend Sherri and I said goodbye to our husbands, who had decided to turn around and go back to your shop (we all were a bit past the dairy at that point), and the two of us took off for Kirby Park. While Sherri and I were grateful for the port-o-potty and the fun excursion, it probably wasn't the best decision for beginning kayakers. Little did we know how much harder we'd have to paddle on the return trip.

I know. "Two-thirds," Trevor had said. But I was thinking of just time, not energy as well.

By the time we were about a mile from your shop I was exhausted, discouraged, and seasick. I didn't know how I could keep paddling, although I knew I had no choice. Then suddenly we recognized Trevor approaching us. That was a miracle moment for me.

Trevor kindly towed me, and Sherri was able (mostly, she said) to keep pace with him. When we faced the higher swells near the overpass, I was even more grateful to not be paddling. I would have been terrified. But I felt perfectly safe being towed. I was impressed by how stable the kayak was, as well as by Trevor's skill in navigating the currents.

Please tell Trevor: Thank you so very much for coming out to meet Sherri and me and for towing me. It made a huge difference in how I felt about the whole adventure. And it really was a fantastic adventure. The pelicans, egrets, seals, sea otters, curlews, and jellyfish were a whole separate universe that I felt privileged to visit. And I look forward to doing it again soon.

Gratefully, —Barbara M, Foster City, CA

To MBK Manager,

I wish to let you know about our outstanding experience on a tour with MBK. I have a couple of years experience on lakes and my wife has none. Cam was our guide on our first ocean experience. Cam was outstanding. He was thorough in our pre paddle session without being tedious or boring. He was energetic and careful in helping us with launching and landing. He was very entertaining in the presentation of his vast knowledge of life in the bay. He was both subtle in keeping us safe and very generous in his efforts to show us life in the bay. He timed his breaks perfectly to allow my wife and I a good paddle without wearing us out.

Cam made our experience one we will treasure. He can be credited with our desire to come as often as we can to MBK to experience marine tourism.

I do hope you value Cam as much as we do.

Best Regards, —Rod & Julie Rubert

I wanted to write and tell you what a very special experience you gave us. Scott was our guide and he broadened our understanding of the bay and the ocean, the wildlife and the history of Monterey so much. There were a number of other people along on the tour with not much experience paddling or on the water, and his gentle manner helped all of us feel very comfortable and confident - I have been a national park ranger in the southwest for most of my life, I know how important (and sometimes challenging) it can be to educate, inform, teach and keep everyone safe all at once! Well done, Scott! ....The professionalism and friendliness of your company helped to to really keep that peaceful ocean feeling in our spirits for the months to come. Thank you! —D.K. New Mexico

Although the MBK is a store, I have felt it like an extended family. The crew has always been friendly, happy and helpful. It has been a pleasure for me, and my wife to take all our visitors from Norway, and our local friends, into your store. It is many good offers at the internet, at REI and other places, but we have chosen MBK due to the excellent service, and competitive prices —K.S.F.

We had a super time on the Slough this past Saturday. Compliments to Aaron (our guide) he did a wonderful job explaining the flora and fauna. Phil's for sandwiches, etc. was just what we needed - thanks again Aaron for the recommendation! Everyone at Monterey Bay Kayaks - Moss Landing was very professional and courteous. —M.B.

This past Sunday, two friends of mine and I rented kayaks at your Elkhorn Slough location. This was the first time that we paddled Elkhorn. What a magical place! Plus, the staff and equipment were simply great. We are already planning our next trip to the Elkhorn. —D.S.C.

Just wanted to take a minute to say "thank you!". My 12-year old daughter and I attended your kayaking event last Saturday. We had a blast! Your staff was friendly, courteous and obviously very knowledgeable. I ended up buying a Necky kayak, wet suit, booties, PFD, etc., all excellent quality goods at great prices. Overall, we drove home smiling ear-to-ear and my daughter has not stopped asking me, "When are we going back?" —J.M.

Thank you. We just got home from our trip to Monterey. We were celebrating our 7-year anniversary. Our kayak tour made our trip very memorable. Please forward the following note to whomever manages your establishment. Our tour guides were exceptional. The orientation was comprehensive and very thorough. Holokai is so knowledgeable about the marine life in the bay; we learned so much! His approach is very conversational, we didn't feel like we were being lectured to. He also made us feel very relaxed and confident for our first kayaking experience. Tommy was right there supporting everything we did. It made us much more comfortable knowing he was behind us in case anything went wrong. Please thank these two professionals for making our experience a wonderful one. We will highly recommend this tour to all of our friends and family. —B. & A.S.

Earlier this summer my wife and I had our first kayaking experience with you folks and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. In fact, once home to the midwest, we've taken a couple of other trips on local rivers. What we've found (not at all surprisingly) is that the equipment has a huge impact on the amount of effort needed to manage the boat, comfort level over time and therefore the level of enjoyment. The boat, paddles and PFDs you all supplied were wonderful and have really set the bar. —A.J.

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone there at Monterey Bay Kayaks again for making our off-site such an adventure. We all had a great time and will definately be back again. Thank you to Chenin for working so well with me and our group to make our first annual off-site such a success. —D.C.